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High Security Locks

“Regardless of Your CCTV or Your Alarm System, Your Mechanical Security is Your First Line of Defense”


Most people in both residential and commercial environments think their locks are enough to keep the bad guys out. They also don’t know that there are simple, relatively low-cost “high-security” lock systems out there that make a huge difference in the security of your home or business.

Advantages of High-Security Locks

  • Impossible to pick
  • Drill resistant
  • Lock bumping resistant
  • Unauthorized duplication – Patented key system that offers total key control
  • Forced entry protection

Here are some of the brand names that we use to secure your home, business, office of warehouse:

Medeco * ASSA * Falcon * Schlage * Best * Mul-T-Lock * US-1 * and much more

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